Volleyball is a popular sport that is played in a team format. Two teams are competing in the ball game, which can be hit only hands to cross over the net to the other half. This is a fun and recreational team game which any aged person can play to have fun. Volleyball is a game that involves energy, team coordination and is interesting, thrilling to play.

This means you get all in one package in this game. The main advantage of this game is that you can play this game anywhere. You just need a ball and some space for the court. The game is played outside in the garden and in an indoor court on a synthetic court.

Moreover, if you have gone to some beach and want a game that can be enjoyed there, then volleyball is the perfect option to enjoy on a beach with your friends.

More About Volleyball

More Information About Volleyball

Volleyball is a game that two teams, and each team has six players in it. The court can be outside as well as inside. The material of the court is decided according to where the game is played. The court is rectangular and is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide. The net stands in the middle of the court and divides it into two halves. The nets stand above the height of 8ft from the court’s surface.

The match starts with the service of one player from any of the teams. The game’s basic gameplay is to score the point by hitting the ball with the hands over the net to the other half to miss it from all the players of the opposing team.

The team which can land the ball in the court of the opponent’s team gets that point. 

Learn The Rules To Start The Game

  • The first volleyball rule is that each team can take a maximum of three touches in their half to cross the ball over the net to the other court.
  • The player cannot take consecutively touch two times to pass it to his team members.
  • It requires the touch of three different players while battling out the ball to cross it to the other side.
  • The decision of the umpire or the referee is the final in the game of volleyball. Therefore, you cannot fight from the umpire against any of his decision over a point.
  • The ball used in this game should be of leather and should be of circumference around 65 to 67 cm. In addition, the ball must weigh between 260 to 280 g to make it comfortable for the players to play with it.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball information

The advantage which volleyball has is that it can be played on the beach also. Beach volleyball is no more a joke, but now it is recognized as a sport played in the world’s largest sports tournament called the Olympics. It is a little different from the volleyball here, and the court size is smaller than that of the original game.

Moreover, there are two players in each team, and the rest of the game is the same as the volleyball. This also has the three-set 21 points, and the first team to win the first two matches is the winner of the whole game.

Health Benefits

  1. Volleyball is which not only provides a fun but also has many positive impacts on the body. The benefit of playing volleyball is
  2. The main benefit of playing volleyball is that it helps in burning a lot of calories. So the person who is looking for weight loss can go for this game. Regular playing of volleyball will help people to lose fat easily and quickly.
  3. Volleyball is a physical game that helps the individual in building the muscle of the body. In addition, the game requires jumping and muscular strength. Thus an individual who plays regularly will have a toned body and better physique than a normal person.
  4. Volleyball affects the hand-eye coordination of the body in a positive way. As in a volleyball game, the player needs to hit the ball while running and jumping. The player will be able to do it only when he has better hand-eye coordination.
  5. Volleyball also teaches the positive aspects of working in a team as it is a team game, and each player on the team should have coordination. Thus by playing volleyball, you understand the importance of the team.

Volleyball can be played by any aged people and is a great source of exercising the body and having fun at the same time.

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